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Asos is pretty famous at the fashion level

Asos (As Seen On Screen) is an online store selling ready-to-wear. Located in the UK, it is the second most visited clothing website in the world, with around 16 million visitors a month. Founded by Nick Robertson in 2000, the site has had tremendous success in recent years. Today, asos has a turnover of more than 600 million euros per year.

The world of Asos

The site is available in 6 languages and serves deliveries to 190 countries around the world. Since 2004, the site that originally only relayed external brands, launched its own collection. Today, the Asos clothing brand represents more than 50% of its profits. Recently, the brand has expanded with its "marketplace" service, a community platform available on the site where bloggers (amateurs or professionals) organize online vacuum-dressing. Independent or private creator wishing to empty his cupboards, each can offer his clothes for purchase to other members. wants to position itself as the first community portal of fashion. The Asos brand mainly targets women between the ages of 15 and 35, clothing and celebrity fans.

Trendy ready-to-wear

The success of the collections offered on the site comes from the bias of the brand to offer only very trendy pieces, especially inspired by the style of celebrities in vogue (TV presenter, actress, singer, ...)

Suitable for all budgets

Bringing together a host of brands, the catalog available on offers "must-have" pieces for all budgets. The various brands on the site remain true to their pricing policy and benefit from Asos' global customer base and ease of access. The offer available on is therefore diverse and suitable for all wallets.

The marketing strategy

The marketing strategy adopted by the website is not unlike that of the famous Spanish ready-to-wear brand Zara. Indeed, Asos has decided to rely on a constant renewal of its collection: a product on the site has a relatively short life (from a few days to a month maximum), which encourages consumers to quick and compulsive purchase (risk of out of stock and impossibility to find the product later). The offer is therefore very attractive for consumers, who can enjoy more than 2000 new products each week on the site.

Thus, the success of this brand, both for individuals and celebrities, means that it is widely relayed in privileged spheres where the audience includes a large part of its targets.

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