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How to use a tongue drum ?

Playing tongue drum is fun! Start by learning correct tongue drum technique. The circular shape of the instrument makes it unique in appearance but also provides the player with challenges. The tongue drum is a musical steel instrument that produces melodic sound. It can also be referred to as the hang, handpan or the tank drum, so whenever you hear people talking about the hang drum don’t be confused; they are also talking about the tongue drum.

The evolution of the steel tongue drum

The original design of the steel tongue drum was simply a large version of the hank drum which was created to mimic the alluring sound of the hang. However, due to constant refining and improving the invention, the tongue drum has become portable, lustrous and easier to play. The tongue drum is not restricted to one musical scale; it can be chromatic, pentatonic or diatonic. Although, the pentatonic scales are commonly used, but due to the flexibility of this invention, you can tune the pentatonic scales to the chromatic and the diatonic scale.

Do you need any special talent to use the tongue drum?

One of the great things about this invention is, it does not require any particular skill to play it; anybody can play the steel tongue drum. You can play the tongue drum using your hands or mallets. However, if you want the sound to be sonorous, you need to play it with the mallets or sticks. The musical scales of the tongue drum have been carefully chosen to ensure all notes complement each other. You can’t go wrong with a tongue drum; it gives room for creativity and builds up your confidence. No wonder a tongue drum is an excellent tool for therapy and education especially with children. There are no wrong notes, play any note in any order and our tongue drum sounds great!
Effortless to play! An intuitive arrangement to the notes makes it easy to explore new musical horizons. To play the scale simply use a left/right sequence

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