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Write, manage, publish news and articles is easier with the new system of PHP7. New parameters have been performed, or even a quadruple speed and code set go into super enhanced.

Php7.3 goes to the stadiums

Competition is often positive. To meet its own needs, Facebook created in 2011 a PHP runtime platform, called HHVM, which improves performance of the language through a build system "on the fly" (JIT). Inspired by this project, the community of programmers have tried to integrate similar improvements directly in PHP. These improvements, grouped under the name PHPNG (PHP New Generation) required a re-factoring code to prepare the ground for the integration of a JIT mechanism that would improve overall performance of the language. In real conditions, PHP 7 is almost two times faster than PHP 5. If we follow the references made by Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP creator), PHP 7 reached the same level in April. Performance whose programmers went into action since to regain the leadership.

From PHP 5 to PHP 7: the moment of truth

The arrival of PHP 7 will turn off some features php developers were not used from previous versions. Many non-supported extensions were eliminated. PHP new generation has changed the inner workings of the extensions, which must be updated to operate in PHP 7. A prototype is available for MongoDB. Some publications have shown the rapid assimilation of this new version of PHP in PHPNG, whose impact has been negligible and represents only a small part of the overall project. Another major change, which would be good news, is the return of "fatal errors" in the exceptions, which means that this type of error could be treated directly in the application, and avoid the default behavior. PHP to detect such errors. Those who have had to do with this type of error, know what it is.

Finally, PHP includes new reserved words. Many PHP Framework are wrappers around some data types such as strings must be adapted.

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