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Make sure you are equiped to be able to deal with issues

In group life, problems will always arise because each individual presents their own ideas. You must therefore define the best strategy to manage these conflicts. It must be broken down into different methods to be adapted to any type of disagreement. The manager must also be well equipped to resolve these conflicts. For this, he must know his associates well, identify the source of the problem, and find the appropriate solutions.

Knowledge of the team

This step is necessary to resolve the conflict. It will allow you to detect the presence of the conflict. Indeed, each individual is different. Each member of your team will have their own personality and their own reactions to different situations. This knowledge will allow you to see through their behavior at work the existence of problems. It will also serve to destroy the psychological conceptions that one person is the victim, the other the persecutor, and of course the savior. You must remain impartial in resolving the conflict. This tool will also help you to find an agreement between the parties.

Identification of the origin of the problem

The source of the problem is an important tool for finding a solution. You can find different types of disagreement: conflict of interest, value conflict, etc. You must identify the type of conflict that you have to do. You must know the people who are really in conflict. Knowing the source of the disagreement will help you better understand the situation. You will be properly equipped to make the right decisions for the good of your team. The degree of conflict is also important to know the content of the interventions to be carried out.

Put in place adequate measures

In conflict management management, you should not take any part. The two previous steps will allow you to define the best methods to resolve these discrepancies. Depending on the reasons for the disagreement, you will have to adapt the corresponding resolutions. For example, for a conflict of objectives, you will have to relate the two parts. This will allow them to better understand each other as well as to find a compromise. The method you will use to promote this meeting will inspire the knowledge of the personality of individuals in conflict. Your approach must be well adapted so that they are responsive and attentive to your recommendations.

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