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The massive impact of natural water cures on the body and mind

Well-being results from a life-style made from various elements. a number of them are essential: peace of mind, an honest diet, regular physical activity… Water is one among them. it's not only used for drinking and washing, it also can be used as a part of spa treatments, hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy.

Various treatment

Spa treatments derive their therapeutic power from mineral waters which naturally spring from the bottom at different temperatures. These waters are often drunk or used for baths, inhalations, washes or mud baths. they're indicated for various treatments counting on their chemical composition.


Hydrotherapy offers showers, baths, wraps, scrubs to warm or cool the body. it's possible to use thermal water, but it's not mandatory: indeed, the principle is to use the temperature of the water instead of its nature. The goal is to awaken the body's natural regeneration mechanisms because of the thermal difference produced by hot and cold. This thermal stimulation, after a primary reaction which appears at the upper level of the skin, then manifests itself more deeply, inside the tissues which are connected to the surface by a network of nerve connections.

Therapeutic virtues

Thalassotherapy, for its part, takes advantage of the therapeutic virtues of the environment and therefore the marine climate with, for instance , sun or sea baths, arenotherapy, mud baths, seaweed wraps, sea spray, air rich in iodine. These all-natural remedies are offered in spas and thalassotherapy centers by the ocean . Sébastien Kneipp was the forerunner of recent hydrotherapy. Its treatment method is predicated on the multiple applications of water: partial or complete showers, hot, cold or steam baths, scrubs, walking barefoot (in special basins but also in sea water or streams).Thus imagining a treatment as complete as' effective like a jacuzzi bathtubyou will buy for your house for relaxation. This completely natural technique acts as a stimulant of the pre-existing healing capacities in each folks and allows them to be activated so as to regain health.

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