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The perfect photo book for you, family and friends

Impress your friends and family with the perfect photo book you can do for them. On this article you will learn how to design one for the occasion.

Put it straight out

Create your picture book so you can reveal it to your family as soon as you return. The creation interface offers a lot of freedom on smart photo, and is very easy to use. I always find a story-specific design in my photographs (holidays, children's party, wedding, yearbook,). And finally, if I print my books on smart photo every year, it is for the print quality and of course the broad option of book size and format.

Choose carefully

If you're a holiday trigger ace too, there are hundreds (I mean thousands) of pictures in stock. I'll tell you right away, you'll have to pick carefully-and without any scruples-the pictures you want to put in your book!

Select the orientation

Now that you know what you're going to put in your book, you can choose the style and orientation that fits your images best: landscape, portrait or square orientation, it all depends on the reason for which you're making your file, your images and your budget. This is a vital move because once your book is finished you won't be able to adjust the shape and style of cover, binding etc.

Cover structure

What I usually look for in a picture book is picture coverage. But you can also opt for a black fake leather blanket or a linen blanket. If you like me to find your photos on the cover, know you can customize both a stiff and flexible cover.

Choose your design

Did you choose the kind of book that you want? All you need to do is find the style that suits your adventure best. Hundreds of templates are available on smart photo! You may opt for something plain, for example a colored backdrop, or a style relevant to the occasion you're making the album for, for example: a wedding, a seaside holiday.

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